Drawing on the expertise of 300 companies and 500 experts, the Cantons of Vaud and Geneva have joined forces to create the «Trust Valley» a public-private partnership aimed at promoting excellence in in the field of digital trust and cyber security, in which Aequivalent now has the privilege of participating. With its internationally recognized know-how, the Western part of Switzerland is ideally positioned to set the standard for digital trust on a global scale.


Supported by the Cantons of Geneva and Vaud through a mandate given to the EPFL Innovation Park Foundation, Trust Valley was officially launched in October 2020. The cooperation is based on three main axes: the influence of this unique ecosystem, innovation and networking of regional players in the field of digital trust and cybersecurity.

Data security, confidentiality and integrity are the foundations of today’s digital world. At the heart of this initiative: Switzerland and the Lemanic region. Recognized by many international institutions for its know-how, the Trust Valley will position itself as an agile, innovative and efficient force for digital transformation by promoting innovation and bringing together skills and expertise in multiple fields, including data protection.

Michael Platen, CEO and Founder of Aequivalent, commented: «The human factor and more specifically the management of human risks, is a key ingredient for digital confidence and cybersecurity. We are proud to contribute to this high-performance ecosystem with our expertise in this field, more specifically in terms of ensuring the integrity, qualifications and reputation of the people involved.»

Within this partnership, «Y-Parc will be the site dedicated to cyber security», according to Lennig Pedron, coordinator of the initiative. Read the article from PME Magazine (French) > >

Date of publication: 25.09.2020

Author: Aequivalent’s marketing and sales team