Aequivalent SA has been welcoming trainees since 2018 and has hired two more apprentices and a trainee Commercial Professional Maturity for the start of the 2020 school year. This way, the company wishes to continue to support the Swiss education system, even in more difficult times.

Of course, thanks to the trainees, Aequivalent will not only benefit from welcome additional support for its growing activities, it will also strengthen its culture of sharing knowledge, human values and an open-mindedness towards new generations and people from different backgrounds.

As company founder Michael Platen explains: “It’s a two-way street. With 5 years of existence today, our start-up will continue to keep a young, innovative and dynamic spirit and at the same time facilitate the integration of young people into the professional environment. I recognize the value of the system as a company manager but also as a father.”

According to Sandra Flückiger (Human Resources): “Joel Rosset (IT), Sarah Schonleber (Marketing) and myself will be in charge of the follow-up of old and new trainees. But all of the company’s employees will be involved at one time or another”.

We therefore wish an excellent start and/or continuation to Eunice (Commercial Employee Apprentice, 1st year), Raquel (Commercial Professional Maturity Trainee), Mathieu (Mediamatician Apprentice, 4th year) and Shané (Commercial Employee Apprentice, 3rd year).

Learning at risk in the wake of the pandemic

While each year 40% of young people turn to initial vocational training, the State of Vaud announced “that by mid-May 2020, the State of Vaud recorded 25% fewer contracts signed compared to May 2019” and “that there would be a shortfall of nearly 2,000 places to achieve the results of the new school year in August 2019” .

A word from Shané – Apprentice at Aequivalent SA

At present, many companies are reluctant to recruit apprentices while the advantages for training companies are numerous:

  • Giving young people the opportunity to grow up in a professional environment
  • Ensuring the future and the succession of the company
  • After their training, apprentices are already productive and autonomous
  • They bring renewal and dynamism to the company
  • They strengthen the company’s image
  • They allow the company to keep up with current trends in terms of technology, training, etc…
  • They have a great ability to adapt to changes and corporate culture

It is an enriching experience for both employer and employee that paves the way for intergenerational sharing, which has become an integral part of Aequivalent’s corporate culture. Don’t miss the chance to train the next generation of young professionals!

Find out HERE (french article) how to become a training providor.

Date of publication : 03.09.2020

Author: Aequivalent’s marketing and sales team