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Aequivalent provides employment screening solutions to organisations in Switzerland that need to make sure that the qualifications of their (future) employees fit the requirements of their jobs and working environment. We verify and deliver information that help our clients make informed recruitment decisions, comply with administrative HR-processes and manage the potential risks of inappropriate employment.

We provide an independent and objective service that requires the prior and explicit consent of candidates and employees. We recommend transparency between employer and employee so that they can mutually benefit from the results of our verifications.

Our standardised verification services are accessible to any type of organisation that employs people in Switzerland, either for strictly occasional or for more frequent use.

On the other hand, we develop tailor-made quality assurance programmes to suit our clients’ specific job requirements, recruitment procedures or in-employment screening projects.

Our services are delivered through a user-friendly and secure on-line IT platform. Our platform is hosted in Switzerland and allows our clients to manage the settings of their verification programme autonomously.

Aequivalent provides an employment screening solution for all organisations in Switzerland that put the quality of their workforce and their employer brand at the centre of their interest. We want to support them with an efficient and user-friendly employment screening solution that benefits both employers and employees.Aequivalent SA is an independent Swiss company whose offices are located in Switzerland, at the Y-Parc in Yverdon-les-Bains.


Our suite of background checks verifies information provided on the CV of an employee, as for example education and professional experience, as well as other personal statements and official documents. It can also be relevant to verify a criminal, financial or driving record. We verify information directly at the source, existing databases or with publicly available information. These checks assure compliance with legal requirements and our clients’ integrity policies.

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We administer standard and client specific tests to verify an individual’s capacity to perform the various tasks in a job. Through standardised or client-specific tests, we help to make sure that candidates and employees possess the abilities required for their role, before and during employment.

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As personality and motivation are amongst the most important things to verify before employing or promoting an employee, our tests provide useful tools for any manager. In our employment screening processes we administer generic or role specific tests but we can also include our client’s own on-line personality tests upon request. Furthermore, our psychologists are happy to provide you with specialist advice and support.

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Our standardised screening solutions are accessible to any kind of employer, small or large, for occasional or frequent use. Our standard verification packages include especially integrity and conformity checks but clients can also choose to use a selection of our ability and personality tests, as well as our Internet products.


We develop and administer tailor-made quality assurance programmes to respond to the specific needs of our client’s jobs and industry environment, their recruitment procedures as well as brand protection imperatives. Our programmes can also be used for in-employment screening purposes or to maintain and update employee files in line with compliance or operational performance requirements.


Today, the Internet and social networks are a inevitable part of human resources operations. They offer important tools for recruitment, employer branding and reputation management if they are used in a transparent and responsible way. Our three internet products are developed to help verify relevant employee information, analyse the skills of a (future) employee to manage their public internet profile, and make sure that the public presence on the internet is compliant with your internal policies and brand requirements.


Meet our team

Maria Alzate

HR File Manager

Romane Bettex

HR File Manager

Sandra Flückiger

HR & Office Manager

Anne-Laure Fontannaz


Sandy Khanarian

Key Account Manager

Florent Morel

Quality Assurance

Michael Platen

Managing Partner

Maximilian Pohle

Key Account Manager

Mahandry Rambinintsoa

Quality Assurance & Data Protection Officer

Maxime Reynaud


Christian Schueppen

HR File Manager

Andreia Simoes

Key Account Manager

Shané Skergat


Team IT

Pierre-Alain Curty

Software Engineer

Jérome Duhamel

Software Engineer
Mathieu Parriaux

Mathieu Parriaux

Apprentice Mediamatic

Joël Rosset

IT Project Manager

Our advisory board

Dominique Freymond


Pius Bienz


Vincent Hort


Penny Schiffer


Muriel Widmer



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