During 2019, several of Aequivalent’s clients enquired about the possibility to integrate their European subsidiaries into their contract, make the Aequivalent platform available to local HR departments, and standardise their employment screening programmes across Europe.

The Aequivalent platform and service, which was already compliant with the European GDPR legislation before these requests, has been updated in 2019 with international screening programmes and several clients have been benefiting from these programmes ever since.

Today, after more than 6 months of international operations, the evaluations with our international clients show:

  • High satisfaction with the user-friendliness of the Aequivalent platform, the highly reactive service team and the easy to understand screening reports;
  • High verification rates leading to better risk assesments related to the onboarding of future employees;
  • A positive employee experience related to the personal service and support offered.

It terms of the feedback received, there is a significant difference between countries who have an existing culture of employment screening and countries who are relatively new to introducing this HR best practice.

HR departments in « mature » countries are happy to be offered a more employee friendly and risk oriented approach, as current local providers often are focused on a purely compliancy related approach. In countries where employment screening is still a relatively new experience for employees, HR departments appreciate support in preparing the new processes, the personal employee service and the full transparency about procedures.

If you wish to know more about the possibilities for your international subsidiaries, you can contact Aequivalent here.

Date of publication : 04.06.2020

Author: Aequivalent’s marketing and sales team