In view of recent events, we wish to inform you about the actions that Aequivalent has taken to assure business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before elaborating on this, we wish to inform you that, despite our actions, we are experiencing a slow-down of activity at some of our information sources. Some have become temporarily unavailable (for example schools and universities) or difficult to reach (HR departments), causing delays to our verification services. We wish to apologize for this and will do our best to uphold the best level of service.

Already several weeks ago we have reviewed our business continuity plan and we have been monitoring the situation ever since. We have made sure to pro-actively activate the technical and organizational measures that will allow us to continue business operations at all times. If inevitable and we do have to close our offices, all of our service and IT staff will work from a home office which, we will make sure, will comply with clearly defined security standards. In the meantime, non-service operations related staff is encouraged to work from home.

We have suspended all employee travel and event attendance until further notice. We use video conferencing platforms to communicate with our partners.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and keep you informed about any developments. Thank you for your trust and commitment to Aequivalent.

Date of publication : 13.03.2020

Author: Aequivalent’s marketing and sales team