In September 2020, Aequivalent applied for the label “Swiss hosting”. With this label, Aequivalent would like to continue to emphasize its commitment to Switzerland as a safe place of storage.

The label and membership certify that Aequivalent currently meets the following conditions :

1. Aequivalent’s applications, personal and factual data are located exclusively in Switzerland and its’ data protection and security policy comply with Swiss legal requirements.

2. Access to the hosting environment and/or the data for operation from abroad and administration by the host must be protected in such a way that data remains entirely in Switzerland and cannot be accessed or claimed by a foreign organization or government, no matter whether directly or indirectly. This also applies to foreign companies within the Group.

3. The license holder and its management must be legally and physically situated in Switzerland

“Since the cloud is still a relatively new concept, there has not yet been anything specifically available to identify something as Swiss. So with this in mind, we developed swiss hosting with the aim of creating a distinctive quality benchmark. To ensure this seal carries weight, we worked closely with our members to develop our terms of use, which provides the legal framework for swiss hosting. These terms also include the option of applying sanctions in the event of abuse, which was a clear request from the members.” More information > >

Swiss Hosting

Date of publication : 29.09.2020

Author: Aequivalent’s marketing and sales team