A little more than 5 years ago, the idea of Aequivalent was born: an unbiased and independent procedure to verify and validate job candidates’ employment history, qualifications and reputation. A few months later, a new service for companies appeared in Switzerland. Today, it allows employers to digitalise this essential process via a secure platform.

Since then, numerous employees, executives and external consultants lived the Aequivalent experience. Thanks to their feedback, we have been able to move forward and continue to improve and simplify the platform, along with the services provided by our teams. We have been, and always will be there to help the candidates follow their (potential) employer’s standardised procedure.

From one experience to the next, verification statistics have shown the efficiency of that procedure. Aequivalent is thus very proud to participate in the promotion of integrity, objectivity and transparency within our partner companies. We know that our services benefit the performance of each of these entities, while significantly reducing the risk of recruitment error.

We are celebrating our 5-year anniversary next year and our organisation, our platform and our services will, once again, significantly evolve. Moreover, we will take this opportunity to refresh our website at the beginning of the year.

All the more reasons to… stay connected!